The tool to calculate the observation angle, the observation distance of the surveillance camera

Top View

Lateral View

Time needed: 3 minutes

How to use Camera Calculator to calculate camera observation angle and monitoring distance of surveillance camera

  1. Resolution

    Surveillance camera resolution

  2. Target Area (inch)

    Camera sensor size

  3. Install Height (m)

    Camera installation position height is from the ground up to the camera

  4. Horizontal Distance (m)

    The distance from the camera pole or the camera wall base to the target may need to be observed

  5. Install Angle (°)

    The camera mounting angle is the angle between the camera and the wall (column) attached to the camera forming.

  6. Focus (mm)

    Focus lenses

  7. Top View

    A top-down view, blue represents the visible area, the width of the viewing angle, and the viewport width at the object’s location.

  8. Lateral View

    Horizontal viewing angle, showing camera mounting height, object position (default is 1.7m high), closest viewing position