CCTV Super Password

Synthesis of reset methods to recover the passwords of recorders, cameras. Hope everyone supports. If you have new reset methods or other carriers please email me to help me keep up to date with new methods and firms. Thank you.


CCTV Super Password

Default Password List
Camera Manufacturer Username Password
3xLogic admin 12345
ACTi Admin 123456
ACTi admin 123456
Amcrest admin admin
American Dynamics admin admin
American Dynamics admin 9999
Arecont Vision admin <blank>
AvertX admin 1234
Avigilon admin admin
Avigilon administrator <blank>
Axis root pass
Axis root <blank>
Basler admin admin
Bosch <blank> <blank>
Bosch service service
Bosch Dinion <blank>
Brickcom admin admin
Canon root Model# of camera
Canon root camera
CBC Ganz admin admin
Cisco no default <blank>
CNB root admin
Costar root root
Dahua admin admin
Dahua 888888 888888
Dahua 666666 666666
Digital Watchdog admin admin
DRS admin 1234
DVTel Admin 1234
DynaColor Admin 1234
FLIR admin fliradmin
FLIR admin admin
Foscam admin <blank>
GeoVision admin admin
Grandstream admin admin
GVI Admin 1234
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell administrator 1234
Honeywell admin 1234
IndigoVision BX/GX Admin 1234
IndigoVision Ultra <blank> <blank>
Intellio admin admin
Interlogix admin 1234
IOImage admin admin
IPX-DDK root Admin
IPX-DDK root admin
IQInvision root system
JVC admin Model# of camera
JVC admin jvc
Longse admin 12345
Lorex admin admin
LTS Security admin 12345
LTS Security admin 123456
March Networks admin <blank>
Merit Lilin Camera admin pass
Merit Lilin Recorder admin 1111
Messoa admin Model# of camera
Mobotix admin meinsm
Northern admin 12345
Oncam admin admin
Panasonic admin 12345
Panasonic admin1 password
Pelco admin admin
PiXORD admin admin
PiXORD root pass
Qsee admin admin
Qsee admin 123456
QVIS Admin 1234
Reolink admin <blank>
Samsung root 4321
Samsung root admin
Samsung admin 4321
Samsung admin 1111111
Sanyo admin admin
Scallop admin password
Sentry360 Admin 1234
Sentry360 admin 1234
Sentry360 admin <blank>
Sony admin admin
Speco root root
Speco admin admin
Speco admin 1234
StarDot admin admin
Starvedia admin <blank>
Sunell admin admin
SV3C admin 123456
Swann admin 12345
Toshiba root ikwb
Trendnet admin admin
Ubiquiti ubnt ubnt
UDP root unknown
Uniview admin 123456
Verint admin admin
VideoIQ supervisor supervisor
Vivotek root <blank>
W-Box admin wbox123
W-Box admin admin
Wodsee admin <blank>
HIKVISION Reset Password

Company: Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Device Port: 80, 8000, 554…
Software: iVMS 4200, Hik-Connect….
OEM: 3xLogic, ABUS, Acegear, Activecam, ADJ, Advidia (Video Insight / Panasonic brand),, Alibi (Supercircuits), Allnet, Alula, Anaveo, Annke, Arcdyn, Armix, Aukoo Technology, Aventura Technologies + criminal charges for fake manufacturing, Avue, Cantek, CCTVStar, ClearWay, Covert Security, Dax Networks, DMP, Dodwell BMS, DSS, Dunlop, DVR Unlimited, Ellipse Security, Epcom, Esypop, Ezviz, Global Network Security, GovComm Intelligent Transportation Systems, Grundig, GVS Security, Hinovision, Hitachi, Hitosino, Honeywell, Hunt CCTV, Hyundai Security, Infinite Pixels, Inkovideo, Innekt, Interlogix (UTC), Invidtech, IP Cam Talk, JFL, Jlinks, LaView, LTS, Mercury Security and Facilities Management, MicroView, Nelly’s Security, Norelco SafeCam / Spider Vue / Invezia, Northern (Tri-Ed / Anixter), Novicam, NTT, Oculur / A1 Security Cameras, Onix, Paxton, Pnet, Power Technology, Protect Group, Raster, Remark Thermal, RVi, Safety Vision, Safire, Scati, SecurityTronix, Sentry CCTV, Sharp, Siqura / TKH, Smart CT Solutions, SnapAV / Luma, Space Technology, Syscom, Technomate, Toshiba, Trendnet, Vantage Security, Vezco CCTV, Videoteknika, Winic, Xyclop, Zicom

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DAHUA Reset Password

Company: Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd
Device Port: 80, 3777, 3778…
Software: SmartPSS, DSS, gDMSS Lite, iDMSS Lite, iDMSS Plus….
OEM: 2M CCTV, Activecam, Advidia / Panasonic, Altoros, Amcrest, Ameta, Ascendent, Backstreet Surveillance, Bosch, BV Security, CCTV Security Pros, CCTV Star, CP Plus (Orange Line), Dax Networks, eLine, ENS, Expose, Lorex, GSS, Honeywell, IC Realtime, Ikegami, Impath Networks, Inaxsys, IndigoVision, Infinity CCTV, Innekt, Intelbras, KBVision, Lumixen, Maxron, Montavue, Oco, Optiview, Panasonic, People Fu, PlatinumCCTV, RedSpeed, Rhodium, RVI, Saxco, Security Camera King (Elite), Space Technology, Speco, ToughDog, Tyco Holis, Tyco Illustra Essentials, Unisight (EmPower), VIP Vision, Watchnet, Winic, Zuum

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KBVISION Reset Password

Company: KBVISION Group International LLC
Device Port: 80, 8888, 37777…
Software: KBiVMS, KBView, KBView Lite, KBView Plus…

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RaySharp Reset Password

Company: Zhuhai RaySharp Technology Co., Ltd
Device Port: 80 …

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JUAN DVR Reset Password

Company: Guangzhou Juan Optical & Electronical Tech Joint Stock Co., Ltd
Device Port: 
Software: Eseenet pro, EROCAM…

How to: Press UP button 10 times on the front panel quickly.

FUHO Reset Password

Device Port: – 80, 8000, 9000, 15961…
– 80, 8670, 101(102)
Software: Vacron Viewer, Calstillo Player, Tmeye…
OEM: QUESTEK 6600 Series

How to:
User: admin
Password: 86244455
Note: if you can’t reset password with user and password like above. Please power off, and remove pin CMOS (on mainboard), after power on and login DVR with user: admin, password: 010100

iCATCH Reset Password

Company: iCATCH Inc
Device Port: 80
Software: iWatch DVR II, Bubo Bubo, SCDVR….

How to:
Method 1: login directly via the monitor with account
User: admin
Password: 12888
Method 2: Reset password with XML file

Download File: XML file
-> copy file to USB. Plug the USB into the DVR -> Wait DVR reboot

TVT Reset Password

Company: Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Device Port: 80, 6036
Software: SuperCam, Superlive, SuperlivePro, Superlive Plus NVMS…

How to:
Method 1: login directly via the monitor with account
User: admin
Password: 6036huanyuan
Method 2: login directly via the monitor with account
User: admin
Password: ttvvtthuanyuan

VSS Web Reset Password

Company: Videopark Technology Co., Ltd. (ZenoTech)
Device Port: 80…
Software: Vss Mobile, Zeno Cam…

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Xiongmai Tech Reset Password

Company: Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co., LTD
Device Port: 80, 34567…
Software: vMeye, XMEye, vMEyeSuper…
OEM: QUESTEK, Vantech…

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