DAHUA Password Reset

Company: Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd
Website: http://www.dahuasecurity.com
Device Port: 80, 3777, 3778…
Software: SmartPSS, DSS, gDMSS Lite, iDMSS Lite, iDMSS Plus….
OEM: 2M CCTV, Activecam, Advidia / Panasonic, Altoros, Amcrest, Ameta, Ascendent, Backstreet Surveillance, Bosch, BV Security, CCTV Security Pros, CCTV Star, CP Plus (Orange Line), Dax Networks, eLine, ENS, Expose, Lorex, GSS, Honeywell, IC Realtime, Ikegami, Impath Networks, Inaxsys, IndigoVision, Infinity CCTV, Innekt, Intelbras, KBVision, Lumixen, Maxron, Montavue, Oco, Optiview, Panasonic, People Fu, PlatinumCCTV, RedSpeed, Rhodium, RVI, Saxco, Security Camera King (Elite), Space Technology, Speco, ToughDog, Tyco Holis, Tyco Illustra Essentials, Unisight (EmPower), VIP Vision, Watchnet, Winic, Zuum

Method 1: DAHUA Password Reset with datetime




Enter the date, month, and year shown on the video corresponding to the box day, month, year

Then click Super Password to get the reset password. Use 1 in 3 passwords with user: admin, enter directly on the monitor connected to DAHUA device

Method 2: DAHUA Password Reset with Serial Number (SN – P2P Code)


Step 1: Enter the Serial Number of the device. Serial Number, also known as the P2P code of the device, consists of 15 characters both numbers and letters.

Step 2: Click Super Password to get the DAHUA password reset code today.

Method 3: Factory reset by hardware reset

Currently, the latest DAHUA devices support hard reset with buttons or jumper

The recorder supports Reset button

Most of DAHUA recorders currently have a reset button on the motherboard. You can reset the password by Open the top cover of the recorder, reset button as shown in some pictures below:

reset button
Reset button

Then follow these steps:

  1. Power Off your recorder
  2. Press and hold the reset button
  3. Power On the recorder but keep the reset button
  4. Hold the reset button until the recorder has finished booting
  5. Set up a new password and complete

Note: each recorder has a different reset button position than image.

The recorder supports Jumper reset

Some DAHUA recorders do not have a reset button, especially Cooper series must reset by jumper. The steps are as follows:

  1. Find jumper pin marked J1 (with 2 holes 1 and 2) similar to the picture
J1 Jumper reset
  1. Power Off
  2. Use the 2-point junction paper clip J1 (hold it still without releasing it)
  3. Power On -> still hold for 20 seconds later
  4. When the recorder has finished booting, release the shortcut point -> Reset procedure is successful

Note: each jumper position recorder may differ from the figure, but shall be marked with J1

IP Camera reset with Jumper

Method 4: Dahua Password Reset with XML file

Time needed: 15 minutes

Instructions to reset Dahua password using Config Tool in LAN

  1. Download Config Tool software and install

    Link to download the Config Tool software here:
    Config Tool for Window: https://cctvwiki.com/file/config-tool/
    Config Tool for Mac: https://cctvwiki.com/file/config-tool-mac/
    After installing open the software and search for the device in the LAN

  2. Select password reset function

    Select Password Reset. The XML icon in the yellow shaded area means that the device supports XML reset.

  3. Contact distributor

    The reset XML function must be an authorized distributor or partner of DAHUA to be reset, so you need to contact them for assistance.

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2 years ago

can you please send me the dahua super password generator file?

Khalil El-Ibrahimi
Khalil El-Ibrahimi
2 years ago

Reset Password no email NVR DHI-NVR4116-8P SN 2L05956PAZQ16XR

2 years ago

S/N Based Super Password Not working from Last 4-5days,Please Fix it

Praveen Kumar masih
Praveen Kumar masih
1 year ago

Dahua dvr reset password

4 months ago

Super Password: Generate failed,software has expired

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