KBVISION Password Reset

Company: KBVISION Group International LLC
Website: https://kbvisiongroup.com/
Device Port: 80, 8888, 37777…
Software: KBiVMS, KBView, KBView Lite, KBView Plus…

Instructions to reset the password of DVR / NVR KBVISION

Method 1: Reset by date and SN

Support: DVR Series : D/D4/D5(before 9/2017), NVR Series: 8xxxN , 4K8xxxN

Case 1: super password by date




Enter the date, month, and year shown on the video corresponding to the input: day, month, year

Then click Super Password to get the reset password. Use 1 in 3 passwords with user: admin, enter directly on the monitor connected to KBVISION device

Case 2: super password by SN code (P2P code)


  • Step 1: Enter the Serial Number of the device. Serial Number, also known as the P2P code of the device, consists of 15 characters both numbers and letters.
  • Step 2: Click Super Password to get the DAHUA password reset code today.

Method 2: Downgrade firmware to reset KBVISION password

Support: DVR Series : D5 ( after 9 / 2017):

  1. Download the download file corresponding to the model of the device at kbvision.vn
  2. Copy 2 files u-boot.bin.img and update.img to USB format FAT32
  3. Insert the USB into the recorder -> power the recorder -> downgrade the recorder and reset the new Password
  4. Reload the Firmware corresponding to the model and re-upload the new firmware (in case you want to use the kbvision.tv domain name)

Method 3: Reset password with Jumper

Support: DVR Series: 7104SD6, 7108SD6, 7104H1, 7108H1

  1. Find jumper pin marked J1 (with 2 holes 1 and 2) similar to the picture
  2. Power Off
  3. Use the 2-point junction paper clip J1 (hold it still without releasing it)
  4. Power On -> still hold for 20 seconds later
  5. When the recorder has finished booting, release the shortcut point -> Reset procedure is successful
Reset mật khẩu KBVISION

Method 4: Reset with the reset button on the motherboard

Support: DVR Series: D6/TD6, 7116H1, 7232H1, 7xxxTH1, 8xxxH1, 2K8xxxH1, 4K8xxxH1, NVR Series: 4K8104PN2 , 4K8108PN2, 4K8104N2-08N2(new firmware > 6/11/2017)

Then follow these steps:

  1. Power Off your recorder
  2. Press and hold the reset button
  3. Power On the recorder but keep the reset button
  4. Hold the reset button until the recorder has finished booting
  5. Set up a new password and complete

Method 5: Reset KBVISION password by Email

Case 1: Email address is not entered on the recorder or entered and you can access Email registered:

  1. On the interface of the recorder, enter your email address (password reset will be sent to this email), after receiving it, the QR-CODE code will appear.
  2. Open Kbview software on Android or Iphone go to: Home -> More -> Reset device password -> scan QR-CODE code on screen


  1. Using QR-Scan software, scan the QR-CODE code and send the scanned content to the email address: support_gpwd@htmicrochip.com
  2. You will receive a reset password sent to the registered email. Enter this password in Security Code, then reset the new password for the device.

Case 2: Forgot registered email on NVR or cannot log in registered email: Please send NVR back to KBVISION for password reset support.

Instructions to reset KBVISION IP Camera password

Method 1: Reset password using reset button on IP Camera

Support: IP Home Camera Series: H10WN, H13PWN, H30PWN, H13WN, H30PWN, H20PWN, H13PWN

  • Hold down the reset button on the camera for 60 seconds
  • The camera will factory reset, please reconfigure the camera.

Method 2: Reset with XML file

Support: IP Camera Series: 1011N, 1012N, 1001N, 1002N, 2001N, 2011N, 2002N, 2012N, 2001N2, 2011N2, 2002N2, 2012N2, 3001N, 3002N, 3011N, 3012N,  3001N2, 3002N2, 3011N2, 3012N2, 4001N, 4002N, 4001N2, 4002N2

  1. Download and install the software Config tools here: https://cctvwiki.com/file/kb-config-tool/
  2. Select System setting -> Reset password -> select IP Camera -> choose to export XML file
  3. Send the exported XML file to the Technical Support department of KBVISION.VN, KBVISION will send you the camera reset password.

Method 3: Reset KBVISION password with Jumper

Support: IP Camera Series ( 1301/1302/3001/3002WN, 2003N/N2/iAN/ FN/ MSN/ iMN/ iN/ AN/ …)

  1. After removing the cover or the cover of the memory card, you will see a reset button or two small round pins with the J12 or K7 symbol.
  2. Power on and wait for the camera to finish booting up
  3. Press and hold the reset button or shortcut button K7, J1-2 for 30 seconds. Camera will factory reset

Method 4: Reset password PTZ Camera (Speed dome)

  1. After removing the cover of the memory card, you will see a reset button
  2. Power on and wait for the camera to finish booting up
  3. Hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. Camera will default to default
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